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Price Rp 9.000.000



Brand: TrustFire
Model: T90-2 BIG BROTHER
Material: Aluminum alloy
Emitter Brand: Cree
LED Type: SST-90
Color: Cool white
Number of Emitters: 1
Battery Configuration: 3 x 26650
Circuitry: 8300mA
Brightness: 2500 Lumen
Weight: 1750 gr
Number of Modes: 5 Modes
Mode Arrangement Hi > Mid > Lo > Strobe > SOS
Mode Memory: No
Switch Type: Press Switch
Switch Location: tail keystroke type
Lens: Tempered glass lens

Aluminum smooth / SMO

1.using the latest USA Luminus SST-90 N-mode led light, working current: 8300mA. brightness can reach 2500 lumens,led life up to 100,000 hours,this product meets environmental standards of ROHS.

2.intelligent digital circuit control,working voltage:12.6V,5 modes dimming circuit,switching mode puts in the middle of the flashlight,convenient changing gear.providing the safety power supply switch in the tail,more convenient,safer and quicker.


3.using vacuum plating reflective cup,smooth processing,it has the characteristics of high temperature resistant,anti-fall off the electric coating,effectively improves the efficiency of reflection, spotlight effect is perfect.

4.effective range of 1500 M, break the new records of single chip range, make more outdoor travel lovers feel the charisma  of this product,it is absolutely the first choice of LED bright flashlight enthusiasts.

5.using high-intensitive toughened glass,it has the characteristics of strong impact resistance, high safety performance,high thermal stability,avoid accidentally detached to bring you unnecessary loss,considerably ensure the benefits of consumers.

6.using 3pcs 32650 6000mah high-performance li-ion battery with pcb,you can use more than 140 minutes in high mode,using 3pcs 26650 5000mah li-ion battery with pcb after putting the battery convert tube,you can use more than 80 minutes in high mode,it can ensure that both indoor lighting and outdoor travel,there is enough capacity to meet your demand.

7.Appearance:using Aviation aluminum alloy CNC finish machining processing Military regulations III hard anodized treatment(color:matte black),three-dimensional heat dissipation structure ensures the air convection flow smoothly in all directions, the whole appearance modelling concept accords with human body engineering principle.

8.Anti-rolling design, Square cross coordination,strengthen the friction of the tube body and hand,ensure grip comfort and stablility performance,embody synthetically the side of humanization design,look sturdy and do not break luxuriant,waterproof level can reach IP grade VI.

9.stainless steel switching mode puts in the middle of the flashlight,equipped with high,middle,low,strobe and SOS five modes,Strobe mode is hidden, just press for 2 seconds to enter in,when in danger,it can have the legitimate defense effect,pls donot direct to shine on others in order to avoid unnecessary damage in non-special cases.

10.heavy-duty LED bright flashlight,high-grade aluminum box packing,equipped with fashionable shoulder belt to reduce the load of the user,allows you to easily use under any circumstances, to ensure that each thread joint is smooth;with a pack of lubricating oil for maintenance.

11.Specifications: 401 mm (L) x 100 mm (head D)x 70 mm(Tail D)


Tambahan :

1. Senter ini betul betul besar dan berat (perhatikan ukuran dimensinya, dan gambar2-nya):

401 mm (L) x 100 mm (head D)x 70 mm(Tail D)


berat 1750 gr (termasuk batere 3 pc)

jadi kalau gak suka berat dan besar jangan pilih yang ini !!!


tapi ketika dipacking , berat total beserta koper dan seluruh isinya = 3 kg, jadi ongkos kirim kena 3 kg


2. Jarak jangkau sinar diiklankan oleh pabriknya 1500 meter

3. Tombol ada 2 : yang utama di belakang, yang kedua di kepala untuk merubah mode

4. Mode kedip strobo dinyalakan dengan cara tekan tombol di kepala 2 kali dengan cepat (hidden mode) ATAU tekan tombol atas agak lama

5. harga sudah termasuk batere 3 pc type 26650  dan charger  + Tali pundak + koper


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